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HOLIN, Waterproof Electronic Connectors

HOLIN, is the leading manufacturer and exporter for waterproof connector, cable, cable assembly and OEM product for computer, telecommunication, factory automation industry, marine, GPS, and game field around the world.

At the beginning, for meeting rapidly global computer demand, we were involved and offered the service for completely computer cable assembly, wire harness, connector, and relating electrical component.

After many years effort in the market, we were by chance to complete finished product for our OEM customers. From drawing confirming, tooling making, plastic case injection, cable assembly & molding, PCB assembly, wire harness, QC testing, and final packing.

For more information or to discuss customized design for rugged and waterproof connectors and cable assemblies please contact us.


From 1-1-2020, Muco Technologies has opted for a strategic split between Development & Production of Hard and Software, and the historic Trade Products.